Organizational Development (OD) 

This consultancy service emphasizes on organizational learning and transformation.

a)       Mindset Change

“Mindset Change” (MC) is an intervention that sets a foundation for changing the mindset at the work environment towards results. The aim is to enhance a sense of belonging for staff at all levels in the organization for optimum performance. This change management model recognizes that everyone has inert intelligence and when fully applied can improve organisational results. Therefore MC harnesses individual’s intrinsic capacity and ability for improved organizational performance. On the whole, MC encourages employees to identify and solve problems as well as to make decisions appropriate to his/her working environment thereby improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

b)       Value Chain Analysis and Mapping for services and products

Value Chain Mapping involves analyzing the processes of a development project or program.  The aim of developing a value chain system in an organization is to enable the delivery of high quality products/services to meet needs.  The approach allows identification of weak links (gaps) in the value chain and appropriate strategies are developed to strengthen project/program value chain.

c)        Strategic Planning and Reviews

Charting a results-based direction for an organization is not optional if it is serious about achieving its mission and realizing the vision.   In the context of Zimbabwe, the introduction of the multi currencies demands a new way of doing things. Organizations that are innovative and creative tend survive challenging circumstances in the operating environment. This can only be achieved through a culture of strategic planning and reviews. CeDRE Africablend strategic planning processes with value chain mapping and produces unique outputs for organizations.

d)       Skills Audit (SA)

CeDRE Africa has developed a “Skills Matrix” that is used to identify skill sets with a special emphasis on establishing alignment and gaps in a department/organization/sector. Any organisational goals and objectives can only be achieved if the organization has the right skills at all levels. The strength of CeDRE Africa in this product is that it identifies and develops skills matrix for the organization for consideration to continuously maintain and strengthen its human resources base.