Leadership Training and Development (LTD)

The leadership training and development program enhances leaders at all levels with a leverage to deal with both internal and external challenges to the organisational goals.  Some of the consultancy services in this category are briefly described below.

a)       Coaching and Mentoring

The key focus of this service is to encourage learning and transformation in organizations and the process should lead to increased organizational performance. Mentoring and coaching program recognizes that in an organization everyone has the ability to learn and share with each other vertically and horizontally.

b)       Teamwork and Teambuilding

The team building service is designed with the understanding that the sum of the units is much greater than the individual units; thus CeDRE Africavalue the word ‘team’ to mean ‘together each achieves more’.  Therefore, a strong team significantly contributes towards achievement of desired results in an organization. 

c)        Leadership Effectiveness

This product is a realization that effective leadership practice at any level within an organization requires both technical and soft skills; globally the latter has received limited attention.  We develop and train soft skills that enhance leadership effectiveness.